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Intellectual Property Services

Patents & Trademarks

•  Patent and trademark registration process
    •    U.S. and internationally
    •    Patent and Trademark Searches
    •    Personally overseeing your patent and trademark filings at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, including personal interviews with USPTO employees

Investigations and Valuation

    •    Investigating patent infringement involves an understanding of patent laws and technical information, which necessarily requires a higher level of expertise than standard investigative services
    •    Conducting these investigations, and recognizing the due diligence necessary to make them successful
    •    Investigating for potential patent infringement or for an acquisition or divestiture
    •    Interviewing knowledgeable persons on-the-record or off-the-record, Conducting site visits to see the product, Making evidentiary purchases with suitable potential witnesses, or Conducting database searches of U.S. and international patents, literature, or government documents
    •    Negotiating for the purchase of a patent or rights for our clients, whether they choose to remain anonymous or not. Third-party patent acquisitions can sometimes allow a purchase for a better price than if the true identity of the end user was known. When conducting such investigations, we maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.

Enforcement, Patent Litigation

   •    Formulating coherent, global IPR strategies for our clients to protect products and markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia
    •    U.S. Federal District Court enforcement of (or the defense against) violations of their rights relating to patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights
    •    ITC (International Trade Commission) in Section 337 patent litigation actions
    •    USPTO Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences (BPAI), the Trademark Trial & Appeals Board (TTAB) and the European Patent Office in EPO Patent Opposition Proceedings.

Corporate & Licensing, 
Transactions, Financing

    •    Negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements
    •    Assisting our clients with corporate formation, drafting corporate agreements, and drafting corporate policies
    •    Drafting patent licenses, evaluation agreements, license agreements, royalty agreements, milestone terms, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and software agreements.

    •    Advising clients on general corporate matters, financing and transactional matters
    •    Advicing on establishing corporate entities, establishing IP Holding companies

    •    Preparing corporate documents, preparing corporate agreements, licenses or contracts, preparing company policies, drafting web agreements and policies, preparing various compliance documents, assisting with private placement memorandums, and so forth


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